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Producing anxiety in the neoliberal university


For this session we discussed “Producing anxiety in the neoliberal university”, a paper by Lawrence D. Berg, Edward H. Huijbens and Henrik Gutzon Larsen which was published in The Canadian Geographer/Le géographe canadien in 2016.

This discussion was particularly interesting as we had a broad sweep of people attending – both in terms of age and job security – all the way from first year PhD to retired lecturer. This was also a particularly engaging session as, sadly, the paper resonated with everyone present.

Key Points of Discussion

  • We began by tackling the question ‘so what?’ Partly this is a question of timing (we have known this process of neoliberalisation within the academy has been going on for years now) but also one of politics (is this just a reiteration of the university “bubble”, of attending to ourselves when we should be looking outwards?). As the conversation developed, we forgave…

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